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Here is our “Live at Barry’s Place”  Series.  Please enjoy, share and subscribe to my Youtube channel:)

A clip from my upcoming Lessons on Tapping 7th chord Arpeggio’s. And their inversions. Also employing their upper and lower neighbors.

I started doing these when I was pretty young.  I would attempt to bang them out on the nylon classical guitar I started on.  I think they are a re-action to hearing Baroque Harpsichord arpeggios around the house. ( Mom was a Beethoven scholar, and musicalogist.:)  This example is primarily root position.  It really starts to expand when you apply the technique to triad over bass concepts.  STAY TUNED!!:-)



Jon Mulvey & Joe Satriani in New Zealand


Here are some clips from NZ tour Opening for Joe Satriani

Blain Fitzpatrick Bass.  Felix Nesbitt Drums

Rockin Rolls Episode 1  The Beverly Hillibillies Theme



Here are some clips from my shows with DP March 2014


My Guitar International Video Lesson Febuary 2014

Here is the first in a series of lessons I’m doing for Guitar International Magazine. Foggy Bottom Breakdown is off my solo cd This and That You can purchase it right from
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Foggy Bottom Breakdown Lesson


March 2013; Jon is thrilled to be playing with the legendary Singer Davey Pattison. February 16 was the bands first show and it was amazing!!!
Keep an eye on the tour page for upcoming shows, and see the latest blog for more info…

September 2012 Clinic Masterclass tour: New Zealand/Austalia
Sponsored by EMG, MusicWorks, and Massey University


Guitar International – March 2011
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The Examiner.Com – February 2011
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February 14 at 12.55 pm (after noon) PST with Rick Mizuno on http://www.latalkradio.com/Rick.php

February 10 at 8:30 pm PST – NightViews Radio  http://www.nightviewsradio.com

February 9 at 6:00 pm PST – RockSource Radio – Ask the Experts with Shawn Cook; Shawn Cook and Jon Mulvey Interview Listen Here/

February 9 at 7:00 pm PST – The Michael Nayt Show; Michael Nyat and Jon Mulvey Interview Listen Here

February 9 at 10:05 PM PST – Swoop’s World  Swoop and Jon Mulvey’s Interview – Listen Here
JON MULVEY recently returned from the “This and That” tour in New Zealand. He is currently working on a clinic tour with Ibanez for the South Pacific in 2011.

Stay tuned for more information on his upcoming tours and be sure to purchase his latest CD featuring the first single “Homage” from his label TwoHeartsRecords.com with Stuart Hamm (Satriani,Vai) and Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel) Or digital downloads available at Amazon.com, and Napster.com

Jon has several interviews which are now posted! Check them out 🙂

Finally, don’t forget that Jon is an excellent teacher and is available for lessons or clinics. Check out his “Lessons” page under “Who” on this website.