Playing with Davey Pattison

Ok Its March 2013, and Im a little behind on the blogging so here is an update. So much is always going on around here. With Deborah’s new cd Warrior Queen in its final mix stage, I have been feverishly, arranging, tracking, programming, mixing and fussing over her first solo release. Exciting!!!

Plus!!! I am beginning to compose for my next solo release. And still booking my own shows around Davey’s dates Stay tuned for updates…

Now in July 2012 I was called in for an audition by Jim Douglas. Jim had recently started managing the legendary rock singer, Davey Pattison. Jim suggested me as a potential fit for Davey’s new band.(mucho thanks Jim:-)

Davey was brought to the states in 1979 from Glasgow Scotland. By rock promoter/manager Bill Graham. To start a new band with Ronnie Montrose.
Gamma was the band, and they were one of the reasons I came to the bay area.
I grew up listening to, and playing the songs Davey, and Ronnie wrote together.
So how surreal do you think it feels to be playing those tunes and hearing “the voice” coming out of the PA.
You would have to experience it for yourself. There are singers that can sing, and I have enjoyed the honor, and privilege of sharing the stage with many talented vocalists. Then there are the big voices that are one in a million.
Davey has that voice.
Now it gets even better. After Gamma. Around the mid 80’s Davey went to work with guitar guru Robin Trower another mountain of an influence on me, and most guitar players of my generation. Davey, and Robin made a bunch of cd’s, and toured around the world for 26 years. I even have had the privilege of opening for them a number of times.
So here I am playing with a hero of mine. Having to fill 4 big shoes with my two feet.
The gig is a trip. half the set is Gamma tunes, and half is Trower. Now if you know anything about these two artist you know Ronnie was over the top, high energy all the time. Spraying notes everywhere. While Robin is nuanced and sublime. Steeped in the push and pull of the blues. We play Gamma and Trower songs back to back. With me having to shift my approach, and attitude from one end to the other While trying to find my voice in the music. The whole time feeling those two giants sitting on each shoulder. Life could be worse:-D

Needless to say I am loving every minute of the experience, playing with a great group of musicians. Greg Rahn on Keys, Van Spragins, on Bass, and Dan Buch on Drums.
I will keep updating as things progress. Please check the tour page for dates.

Till Next time…



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